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FAQ's for Students

Step 1: Click on the login button from the top bar.

Step 2: For

i) Registered email id click on “Login with registered email id”

ii) New users click on the link – “Create one” 

Please enter a valid email ID and strong password you will receive a verification code on your mentioned email ID.

Once, the email id gets activated you can login using your email ID.

Step 1: Go to All courses page from menu

Step 2: Click on the required course for enrollment

Step 3: Click on APPLY TO ENROLL.


The admin will check your eligibility and you will get a notification on your registered email ID once you get enrolled to the required course

First Login with your registered Email ID.

Step 1: Go to Student’s Dashboard 

 Click on your name in the top bar then select DASHBOARD



Step 2: From the menu go to Courses


Step 3: Click on the Course you want to start


Step 4: Click on Start/Continue course button


Step 1: Login and go to the Dashboard

Step 2: Select Quiz from courses

Step 3:  Select required test

Please watch the video for quiz on mobile:


Step 1: Download the app for your mobile.

Step 2: Click on the Login Button

Step 3: Login /Register using your email ID


Step 4: Access all the Dashboard menu options from the bar below

Swipe right on menu to access more options



Step 1: Login and go to the Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Courses

Step 3: Select a course and start it

Step 4: Browse the course structure from left menu and click on the required topic you can view the video on the right


Step 1: Login to dashboard

Step 2: Go to Live Class from menu options

Step 3: On Class timings please click on the respective class to join live class.


Step 1: Login to dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Courses and the My Quizzes

Step 3: Select the quiz for which you need to check 

You can scroll through and select each question to check the solution

Step 1: Login to dashboard

Step 2: Go to Courses from menu > go to enrolled course > Select required course

Step 3: Select Announcement from the tabs below

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